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To contribute to Neighborhood Industries Warehouse Fire Recovery Fund or Mural Restoration Fund


Help UsRebuild and Restore

Recently, our warehouse containing 30,000 square feet in donated goods caught fire and burned to the ground. Our mural at Neighborhood Thrift was also vandalized. Time and time again we have learned that our community is extremely resilient in times of difficulty, our work would not be possible without your support. Please consider making a donation today.

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About Us

our mission

To operate businesses that reveal value in people, so they can be positive contributors in their homes and neighborhoods.

About Us

who we serve

A diverse and resilient group of men and women as well as opportunity youth who are working through various barriers to employment.

Your donations matter

Every $1 donated

to Neighborhood Industries results in $4 invested into Fresno’s poorest neighborhoods.

A store in the neighborhood for the neighborhood.

Our goal is zero waste with a positive environmental impact.